"China’s time-honored brand" adopt "New Technologies" from Meacon

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Recently, Meacon has reached a cooperation agreement with Nanjing Tongrentang, a "Chinas time-honored brand", to help it advance its digital transformation process.

Nanjing Tongrentang, formerly known as the Nanjing branch of the Lejia Laopu Shop of Tongrentang in Beiping, opened in Nanjing in 1929. It underwent restructuring and reorganization in 1998, and was recognized as a "Chinas time-honored brand" by the Ministry of Internal Trade of the People's Republic of China in 1995. In 2006, it was designated as one of the first batch of "Chinas time-honored brand" by the Ministry of Commerce of China.

"China’s time-honored brand" adopt "New Technologies" from Meacon

In this collaboration, Nanjing Tongrentang has adopted Meacon's process automation solutions, including vortex flowmeter and flow calculator, to accurately measure steam in the production workshops and monitor energy consumption, providing crucial data support for the company's production and management.

At the same time, with the help of Meacon's independently developed digital platform - Instrument Cloud, workshop managers can remotely monitor various parameters in real-time without the need for on-site personnel, truly achieving the goals of improving quality, reducing costs, and enhancing efficiency.

"China’s time-honored brand" adopt "New Technologies" from Meacon

According to Li Feixiang, the head of Meacon's Jiangsu and Anhui region, Nanjing Tongrentang established contact with Meacon as early as February 2022. After multiple stages such as site surveys, product selection, and pilot program testing, Meacon's products and services received full recognition. In April 2023, the two parties further expanded the scope of their cooperation and strengthened their partnership.

A relevant official from Nanjing Tongrentang expressed that uploading instrument data to the cloud is simple and accurate, greatly improving work efficiency. In the future, the company also plans to connect water metering and electricity consumption statistics to the cloud, looking forward to deepening the cooperation with Meacon.

"China’s time-honored brand" adopt "New Technologies" from Meacon

As a provider of process automation solutions that has been deeply rooted in the industry for nearly 17 years, Meacon has accumulated more than 640,000 industrial enterprise users in over 138 countries and regions worldwide.

In the future, Meacon will continue to innovate, expand its business areas, strengthen communication and cooperation with users, and provide more comprehensive, high-quality, and professional services and solutions for the transformation, upgrading, and high-quality development of industrial enterprises.

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