SUP-LUGB Vortex flowmeter without temperature & pressure compensation
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SUP-LUGB Vortex flowmeter without temperature & pressure compensation

SUP-LUGB Vortex flowmeter work on the principle of generated vortex and relation between vortex and flow by theory of Karman and Strouhal, which specialize in measurement of steam, gas and liquid of lower viscosity.


  • Pipe diameter: DN10-DN300
  • Accuracy: 1.0%  1.5%
  • Range Ratio:  1:8
  • Ingress protection: IP65
  • Measuring principle

    A fluid flowing with a certain velocity and passing a fixed obstruction generates vortices. The generation of vortices is known as Karman’s Vortices.The frequency of vortex shedding is a direct linear function of fluid velocity and frequency depends upon the shape and face width of bluff body.

Kármán vortex street

Since the width of obstruction and inner diameter of the pipe will be more or less constant, the frequency is given by the expression:


In the formula:
f – Karman vortex frequency generated at one side of bluff body (Hz)
St – strouhal number (non-dimensional number)
V – average speed of fluid (m/s)
d – width of bluff body (m) 

  • Installation

    Wafer connection: DN15-DN300(priority PN2.5MPa)

    Flange connection: DN15-DN50(priority PN2.5MPa)

DN65-DN200(priority PN1.6MPa)

DN250-DN300(priority PN1.0MPa)

  • Accuracy

Gas without compensation: DN15-DN25--1.5%, DN32-DN200--1.0%, DN250-DN300--1.5%

  • Range Ratio

Gas density:1.2kg/m3, Range ratio: 8:1

  • Medium Temperature

-20°C ~ +150°C、-20°C ~ +260°C、-20°C ~ +300°C

  • Power Supply


Li battery(3.6VDC)

  • Output signal



RS485 communication (Modbus RTU)

  • Ingress protection


  • Body Materials

    Stainless stell

  • Display

    128*64 dot matrix LCD