New Product Release | MDC-PH Water Quality Controller with Enhanced Intelligence

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 Recently, Meacon officially launched the newly upgraded MDC-PH water quality controller.

"From the hardware circuit to the software system, we have made a brand-new design. While improving the product performance, we have optimized the user experience of our customers to the maximum extent." Zion, the water quality product manager of Meacon, said.

As a high-end water quality controller, MDC-PH is "commendable" in terms of accuracy, stability, intelligence, and applicability.

Zion introduced that the output current accuracy of MDC-PH has been improved to 0.1% FS, and it can be set to maintain the output. "Whether it is in the laboratory, simulation scenarios, or customer sites, MDC-PH has demonstrated strong anti-interference capabilities, with the maximum fluctuation amplitude of electromagnetic interference being 0.01 pH."

To meet the increasing demand for digital transformation from users, MDC-PH comes with an "intelligent" halo.

Apart from electrode health diagnosis, MDC-PH can also be equipped with a wireless module. With the help of the digital platform "Instrument Cloud" independently developed by Supmea's subsidiary Instrument Tangtang, it can achieve remote supervision, data management, abnormal alarm, and other functions.

MDC-PH also standard "up to 500,000 groups of data retention and read and write, compensation curve, ultra-pure water detection, alarm delay, digital and curve display, online firmware upgrade, online import boot screen" and other functions.

MDC-PH water quality controller launched, will be for sewage chemical industry, dosing control, desulfurisation electroplating, waste gas absorption and other industries and users, provide more accurate, stable, intelligent, reliable water quality control solutions.

New Product Release | MDC-PH Water Quality Controller with Enhanced Intelligence 

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