MIK-DO7018 Optical dissolved oxygen sensor

The fluorescent dissolved oxygen sensor adopts a new generation of fluorescence lifetime technology and self-developed high-performance fluorescent materials. No oxygen consumption, no flow rate limitation, no electrolyte required, no maintenance and calibration, no hydrogen sulfide interference, and excellent stability. Built-in temperature sensor, automatic temperature compensation. RS485 output, can be networked without a controller.



Signal interface: Modbus RS-485

No membrane and no electrolyte required

No need to consume oxygenAutomatic temperature compensation

  • Specification

  Product   Dissolved Oxygen sensor
  Model  MIK-DO7018
  Accuracy Dissolved oxygen: ±0.3mg/L
Temperature: ±0.2℃
  Measure range Dissolved oxygen: (0~20) mg/L or 0~200% saturation
Temperature: (0~50)℃
  Maximum water depth  10m
  Power supply  DC 5~24 VDC, current <50 mA
  Operating temperature   0 ~ 50°C
  Temperature accuracy  ±0.2°C
  Signal interface  Modbus RS-485
  Ingress protection  IP68
  Sensor material  Titanium alloy
  Fluorescent cap life  One year (under normal use)
  Cable  5m, 10m, 15m, 30m
  • Introduction

oxygen sensor low voltage



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