MIK-PH-5015B Glass pH sensor

PH-5015B type pH electrode is a high-efficiency electrode produced by our company to deal with strong pollution and complex working conditions. Molecular polymer glass electrode can be used with various domestic or imported pH meters, which is easy to maintain and use


Easy to use, no need to replenish electrolyte, and has good waterproof performance.

Fast response time, good stability and strong anti-interference ability.

Not easy to be polluted and blocked, and has a long service life.

Strengthen the reference system to cope with complex working conditions.

  • Specification

  Product    Glass pH sensor
  Model   MIK-PH5015B
  Measurement range   0-14 pH
  Resolution   0.01 pH
  Installation thread   PG13.5
  Heat resistance   0-110℃
  Pressure resistance   6bar
  Temperature compensation   Customized



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