MIK-ADS2000 COD sensor

MIK-ADS2000 COD sensor is based on the UV absorption principle, does not need reagents, will not cause pollution, more environmental protection; Integrated self-cleaning brush, easy to install and use, even long-term online monitoring still has excellent stability.


  • Digital sensors, digital RS-485 output, Modbus protocol;
  • Proven UVC LED technology, long lifetime, stable and instant measurement; Measurement of parameters such as COD, TOC, turbidity and temperature;
  • With self-cleaning brushes to prevent biological adhesion and longer maintenance intervals.


  • Specification

  Product    COD sensor
  Model   SUP-ADS2000
  COD Range   0.5 to 500mg/L equiv.KHP
  TOC Range   0.3 to 200mg/L equiv.KHP
  COD Accuracy  ±5% equiv.KHP
  TOC Accuracy  ±5% equiv.KHP
  Pressure  3 bar
  Material  Stainless steel
  Temperature range  0-50℃
  Temperature accuracy  ±3℃
  Ingress protection  IP68

  • Introduction

MIK-ADS2000 COD sensor

SUP-ADS2000 COD sensor

MIK-ADS2000 COD sensor






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