FMC240 Electromagnetic Flowmeter Measuring Tap Water

FMC240 Electromagnetic meters are a leading choice to deliver the performance and precision your applications require. These meters are applicable for all conductive liquids, such as water, acids, alkalis, slurries and many others. Typical applications are monitoring of liquids, filling, dosing and precise measurement in custody transfer


Accuracy: ±0.5%(Flow speed > 0.5m/s)

Theoretical value: Water: Min. 20μS/cm; Other liquid: Min. 5μS/cm
Recommended value: >30μS/cm

Strong anti-interference ability, under normal grounding conditions, the flow value can be displayed stably

With lightning protection capability, it can be used in lightning-prone areas

  • Introduction

The FMC240 electromagnetic flow meter is an ideal solution for measuring the flow of tap water. This type of flow meter uses Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction to measure the flow rate. The principle is based on the fact that when a conductive fluid flows through a magnetic field, a voltage is induced in the fluid, which is proportional to the velocity of the fluid. The flow meter consists of a flow tube, a pair of electrodes, and a magnetic field generator. The flow tube is made up of a non-conductive material, and the electrodes are placed on opposite sides of the tube. The magnetic field generator produces a magnetic field that is perpendicular to the direction of flow. When tap water flows through the tube, it generates a voltage that is measured by the electrodes. The voltage is then converted into a flow rate using a signal converter. 

This FMC240 electromagnetic flowmeters are highly accurate and reliable, as they are not affected by changes in temperature, pressure, or viscosity. They are also suitable for measuring the flow of fluids with low conductivity, such as tap water. The flowmeter can be installed in any orientation, and it requires minimal maintenance. It is also easy to install and operate, making it an ideal solution for tap water applications. 

In addition to measuring the flow rate, electromagnetic flowmeters can also provide information on the total volume of water that has flowed through the system. This information can be used for billing purposes or for monitoring water usage. The flowmeter can also be integrated with other systems, such as SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems, for remote monitoring and control. 

Electromagnetic Flowmeter for Tap Water 

  • Specification

 Product  Electromagnetic flowmeter
 Model  FMC240 
 Diameter nominal  DN15~DN1000
 Nominal pressure DN15 - DN250, PN ≤1.6MPa
DN300 - DN1000, PN ≤1.0MPa
 Accuracy ±0.5% F.S. (Flow speed > 0.5m/s); ±0.5% F.S.±2mm/s(Flow speed <0.5m/s)
 Repetitiveness 0.16%
 Liner material Neoprene (CR), Polyurethane (PU), PTFE (F4), PFEP (F46), PFA
 Electrode material 316L Stainless Steel, Hastelloy C, Hastelloy B, Ti, Ta, Pt
 Medium temperature Neoprene: -10…+70℃ Polyurethane: -10…+60℃ PTFE/FEP: -10…+120℃ PFA: -10…+120℃
 Power supply 220VAC, 24VDC
 Structure type  Compact type, Remote type
 Ingress protection  IP65, IP68(remote type only)
 Product standard  JB/T 9248-2015


  • Measuring principle

Mag meter works based on Faraday's law, when the liquid goes through the pipe at the flow rate of v with a diameter D, within which a magnetic flux density of B is created by an exciting coil, the following electromotive E is generated in proportion to flow speed v:


E-Induced electromotive force 
K-Meter constant 
B-Magnetic induction density
V-Average flow speed in cross-section of measuring tube 
D-Inner diameter of measuring tube   

flowmeter principle


  • Calibration Line

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FMC240 Electromagnetic Flowmeter Measuring Tap Water

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