Meacon electromagnetic flowmeter is used in Unicom Zhongyuan Data Base

Meacon electromagnetic flowmeter is used in Zhengzhou Unicom Zhongyuan Data Base to measure the flow of water supply and return water pipes in the air-conditioning room. The customer feedback that the flow is not allowed to jump and other problems have been guided to debug and solve.

Meacon is a reliable process automation instrument company that has been in operation for over 16 years. Located in Hangzhou, China, Supmea has offices in Singapore and Malaysia. We specialize in manufacturing flow meters, level meters, pressure meters, temperature meters, water quality analyzers, and recorders. 

We have our own manufacturing facility, and all of our products meet professional qualification certificates, such as ISO9001, CE & SGS certificates. Our commitment to providing quality products and solutions to our customers is our top priority, which has enabled us to gain a strong presence in over 138 countries and regions worldwide.

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magnetic flowmeter for air conditioning room

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