MIK-603S Temperature signal isolator

MIK-603S Intelligent Temperature Transmitter utilized in automated control systems is a kind of instrument for transformation & distribution, isolation, transmission, operation of a variety of industrial signal, it can also be used with all kinds of industrial sensor to retrieve parameters of signals, isolation, transformation and transmission for remote monitoring local data collection.


Input: Thermocouple: K, E, S, B, J, T, R, N and WRe3-WRe25, WRe5-WRe26, etc.;

    Thermal resistance: Pt100, Cu50, Cu100, BA1, BA2, etc;   

Output: 0(4)mA~20mA;0mA~10mA; 0(1)V~5V; 0V~10V;

Response time: ≤0.5s

  • Specification

 • Input signal type:

    Thermocouple: K, E, S, B, J, T, R, N and WRe3-WRe25, WRe5-WRe26, etc.;

    Thermal resistance: two-/three-wire system thermal resistance (Pt100, Cu50, Cu100, BA1, BA2, etc.)

    The type and range of input signal can be determined at the time of ordering or self-programmed.

 • Output signal type:

    DC: 0(4)mA-20mA; 0mA-10mA;

    DC voltage: 0(1)V-5V; 0V-10V;

    Other signal types may be customized as required, see the product label for the specific signal types;

 • Output ripple:<5mV rms(load 250Ω)

 • Accuracy of isolated transmission: (25℃±2℃, excluding cold junction compensation)

Input signal type  Range Accuracy
TC K/E/J/N, etc. < 300 ℃ ±0.3 ℃
≥ 300 ℃ ±0.1% F∙S
S/B/T/R/WRe-series < 500 ℃ ±0.5 ℃
≥ 500 ℃ ±0.1% F∙S
RTD  Pt100/Cu100/Cu50/BA1/BA2, etc. < 100 ℃ ±0.1 ℃
≥ 100 ℃ ±0.1% F∙S


  • Product size

Temperature Transmitter DIN rail



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