MIK-R6000F Paperless recorder

MIK-R6000F Paperless recorder is with outstanding specifications features like high performance and powerful extented functions. With high visibility Color LCD display, it is easy to read data from the meter. Universal input, high speed of sampling speed and arruracy make it reliable for industry or reaserach applicaiton.


Inputs channel: Up to 36 channels of universal input

Power supply: (176~264)V AC,47~63Hz

Display: 7 inches TFT display

Output: alarm output, RS485 output

Sampling period: 1s 

Dimensions:  193 * 162 * 144mm

  • Specification
  Product   Paperless recorder
  Model  MIK-R6000F
  Display  7 inch TFT display screen
  Input  Up to 36 channels of universal input
  Relay output  2A/250VAC, Max 8 channels
 Installation panel thickness 1.5mm~16.0mm
  Weight  1.06kg
  Internal memory  128 Mbytes Flash
  Power supply  (176~264) VAC, 47~63Hz 
 Power consumption 30 VA,15W
  Dimensions  193*162*144mm
  DIN panel cutout  138.5*138.5mm
 Relative humidity (10~85)%RH
 Operation temperature (0~50)℃
 Relative humidity (10~85)%RH
 Storage condition temperature(-20~60)℃ relative humidity(5~95)%RH
  • Introduction



paperless recorder


SUP-R6000F paperless recorder

SUP-R6000F paperless recorder

  • Dimension

SUP-R6000F paperless recorder size

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