Pulping and fibers separate, clean

The most important thing in the pulping process is the control of the pulp flow rate. Install an electromagnetic flowmeter at the outlet of the slurry pump for each type of pulp, and adjust the slurry flow through a regulating valve to ensure that each slurry is adjusted according to the ratio required by the process, and finally achieve a stable and uniform slurry ratio.
The slurry supply system includes the following links: 1. the disintegration process; 2. the beating process; 3. the mixing process.
In the disintegration process, an electromagnetic flowmeter is used to accurately measure the flow rate of the disintegrated slurry to ensure the stability of the disintegrated slurry and ensure the stability of the slurry in the subsequent beating process; in the beating process, the electromagnetic flowmeter and the regulating valve A PID adjustment loop is formed to ensure the stability of the slurry flow into the disc mill, thereby improving the working efficiency of the disc mill and stabilizing the degree of deduction of the slurry, thereby improving the quality of beating;

The following conditions must be met during the mixing process:
1) The proportion and concentration of the slurry should be constant, and the fluctuation should not exceed 2% (the amount of fluctuation is based on the requirements of the finished paper);
2) The slurry delivered to the paper machine should be stable to ensure the normal supply of the paper machine;
3) Reserve a certain amount of slurry to adapt to changes in paper machine speed and varieties.

•Can be configured with a range of materials to match process needs
•Full diameter with no pressure drop across meter
•Obstruction-less (fiber does not build up in meter)
•High accuracy and High response speed meet strict ratio requirements

high process temperatures and abrasion due to pulp stock solids provide unique challenges.

Liner Materials:use only high quality thicker Teflon liners.
Electrode Materials: According to the medium
When measuring the slurry, it is best to install it vertically, and the fluid flows from bottom to top. This not only ensures that the measuring tube is filled with the measured medium, but also avoids the shortcomings of local abrasion on the lower half of the electromagnetic flowmeter and solid phase precipitation at low flow rates when installed horizontally.

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