2021 Supmea cloud Annual Meeting | The wind knows the grass and the beautiful jade is carved

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At 1:00 pm on January 23, the first annual meeting of Blast and Grass 2021 Supmea Cloud opened on time. Nearly 300 Supmea friends gathered in the "cloud" to review the unforgettable 2020 and look forward to the hopeful 2021.

first annual meeting of Blast and Grass 2021 Supmea Cloud

The annual meeting kicked off in the creative video "This Day, That Year". At the beginning of 2020, affected by the epidemic, Supmea delayed the resumption of work three times, and officially resumed work and production on the second day of February, starting a contrarian growth model. In 2020, with the joint efforts of all employees, Supmea will complete the target set at the beginning of the year, an increase of 27% compared to 2019. When this scene appeared in the video, the screen in the live broadcast room was praised and swiped by the friends of Supmea.

annual meeting

annual meeting

Gale·Zhijin Grass

"Management upgrade is a big boost for Supmea's growth against the trend"

General Manager Yu Feng said in the annual work report. In the past 2020, we have withstood a huge test. Through multi-dimensional reforms such as performance reform, resource optimization, and quality improvement, Supmea completed the target set at the beginning of the year as scheduled after the resumption of work was delayed by one month.

annual meeting

"The wind knows the strong grass, and the beautiful jade is carved." Yu Feng sent a message to all employees of Supmea, hoping that everyone will take a higher attitude and firmer determination to meet the more opportunities and challenges of 2021.


"Between the vast world, there is always a brilliant display of hard work. Thousands of sails pass by the side of the sunken boat, and there will be times when riding the wind and waves. Any hardship and hardship can not stop them from advancing. They paint with their efforts to paint the beauty and write the light with responsibility."

Supmea’s growth against the trend is inseparable from the efforts of the strugglers. At the subsequent annual meeting award ceremony, the company commended the "advanced employees" and "outstanding teams" who have made outstanding contributions to the development of Supmea in the past year. And awarded the company "Annual Outstanding Contribution Award" and "Annual Major Contribution Award".

advanced employee

Service·On the road

"Why do you want me to talk about this talk show, because I will use the most health codes in 2020. Seven!" said Liu Mao, head of the Beijing office of Supmea, in the talk show "Record of Supmea's Return to Epidemic". In the past 2020, the offline offices of Meiyi have been strongly affected by the epidemic. The epidemic is unpredictable, and Liu Mao is "several in and out" in Beijing, and the offline service process is very tortuous.

The program also connected with Tang Junfeng, the person in charge of the Wuhan office, and Mr. Tang talked about the difficult resumption of work after the lockdown of Wuhan. Last year, Supmea's offline offices served customers more than 3,000 times on-site, which truly reflected Supmea's value of "customer-centric".

"2021, the South and the North, continue to refuel" The annual meeting reached another climax in the video of the heads of major offices.

Thanksgiving·New Era

"This year is the fifteenth year of Meiyi's business. It is this era that makes us lucky entrepreneurs."

Ding Cheng, chairman of Supmea shares, thanked the times for the opportunity given to Supmea in the speech session, thanked every small partner of Supmea, and thanked Supmea hundreds of thousands of customers.

"Innovation" and "altruism" have always been the driving force to support Supmea along the way. In the future, Supmea will truly achieve "online online" through iterative updates in the four aspects of "quality", "management", "brand" and "technology". "Customer first, domestic and foreign struggling oriented".

Supmea will adhere to the long-term principle and continue to develop new business models. In the future, he also hopes that the company's many post-90s generations will have the courage to innovate and live up to the good times.

Mr. Ding

The year 2020 that has just passed has been a year full of opportunities and challenges for Supmea. Under the influence of the epidemic, Supmea has grown against the trend and moved forward. The strong wind will know the strong grass. In 2021, Supmea people will continue to work hard and make strides forward on the road of "making the world use China's good instrument".

2021, Supmea is ready!

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