Pure water production & application

Purified water refers to H2O without impurities, which is pure water or pure water for short. It is pure and clean water without impurities or bacteria. It is made of water that meets the sanitary standards of domestic drinking water by raw electrodialyzer method, ion exchanger method, reverse osmosis method, distillation method, and other appropriate processing methods. You can drink directly.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the people's cultural level, living standard, and consumption level, people have transitioned from basic living requirements such as food and clothing to the pursuit of natural and healthy living products and lifestyles. For the indispensable drinking water in people's life, the performance is particularly obvious. At present, the market share of drinking water in the food and beverage industry has reached 40%. Among them, purified water accounts for more than 1/3. Therefore, the entire process of pure water production process needs to be monitored and monitored in real time in order to ensure that the pure water put on the market is pure, clean and qualified products that comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Due to the low conductivity of pure water, conventional electromagnetic flowmeters cannot measure.

In addition to the commonly used electromagnetic flowmeters, meacon can provide clamp-mounted turbine flowmeters or ultrasonic flowmeters without pipe breaking according to customer needs for pure water measure.

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