Dairy production

Dairy products refer to processed milk or goat milk and its processed products as the main raw materials, with or without the addition of appropriate amounts of vitamins,
minerals and other auxiliary materials, using the conditions required by laws and regulations and standards, and processed into various Food, also called cream products.
Dairy products include liquid milk (pasteurized milk, sterilized milk, prepared milk, fermented milk); milk powder (whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder, partially skimmed milk powder, prepared milk powder, colostrum powder); other Dairy products (etc.).
The dairy product consumer market is constantly expanding, and milk products have entered millions of households. At this time, the quality of dairy products has repeatedly appeared, endangering the human health of the people, affecting the development and survival of dairy companies, and affecting the interests of cattle farmers. It is of great significance to strengthen the management of milk quality and safety.

Dairy product production includes processes such as fresh milk pretreatment, heat exchange, homogenization, drying, sterilization, and filling. Different products have different processing techniques, but all require high-precision process instruments to monitor the production process to ensure Production safety and reliability.

In the dairy production process, the process flow from raw materials to finished products needs to be measured with a hygienic electromagnetic flowmeter, which has high measurement accuracy and can improve the safe and hygienic production of the process.

Meacon LDG-S type uses 316L material body, sanitary clamp installation, and has passed CE and other certifications, and is selected by many dairy companies for dairy product processing.

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