Supmea participated in formulate of the Industrial standard

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November 3-5, 2020, National TC 124 on Industrial Process Measurement, Control and Automation of SAC(SAC/TC124), National TC 338 on electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use of SAC(SAC/TC338) and National Technical Committee 526 on Laboratory Instruments and Equipment Standardization Administration of China(SAC/TC526) plenary meeting was held in Hangzhou. The three-day meeting included a number of important topics including the "Fifth SAC/TC124 Work Report and the Sixth Work Plan".

Industrial Process Measurement, Control and Automation development of national standards

Supmea chairman Mr Ding attended this meeting and participated in the review of SAC/TC124 standards.


On November 4th, the leader of the SCA (Standardization Administration of China), Dr. Mei and his party made a special trip to Supmea to visit and guide.

the leader of the Standards Committee, Dr. Mei and his party

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