Dr. Li participated in the flowmeter exchange meeting of Instrument and Control Society

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Invited by Professor Fang, Chairman of the Kunming Instrument and Control Society, on December 3rd, Supmea's chief engineer Dr. Li, and the head of Southwest Office Mr Wang participated in Kunming's "Flow Meter Application Skills Exchange and Symposium" activity in Kunming. At the exchange symposium, Mr. Ji, a well-known domestic flow meter expert, gave a special report entitled "Application Technology of Energy Metering and Flow Measuring Instruments".

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Mr. Ji has more than 50 years of experience in the instrument industry, especially in the field of flow instruments. As a well-known senior expert on flow instruments in China, in this lecture, Mr. Ji mainly introduced the development status of flow measurement instruments and the application technology of flow instruments, and expressed his views and opinions on related issues raised on the spot.

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