Tap water production

Tap water refers to the processing of raw water such as river water and lake water into water for production and living in accordance with national standards through various processes such as mixing, reaction, precipitation, filtration and disinfection. With the improvement of living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for tap water quality. This requires that the water plant must continuously improve water treatment technology, and has perfect monitoring methods for the entire process of water treatment, so as to ensure that people provide better quality tap water.

There are various sources of tap water, such as river water, reservoir water, lake water, spring water and ground water. Such raw water is untreated and the water quality is poor. It generally contains a variety of suspended solids, colloids and various heavy metals that are harmful to the human body. Ions, showing different acid-base properties. electromagnetic flowmeter, with a variety of electrodes and liner options, is more suitable for raw water flow measurement of water quality in various working conditions. With a variety of output communications, it can easily communicate with the back-end PLC, DCS, etc. At the same time, there are multiple power supply methods to meet different site needs.

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