Meacon meters used in Hubei urban sewage treatment plants

Recently, Tang, a Meacon staff member stationed in Hubei, went to the sewage treatment plant in Tuanfeng County, Huanggang to provide on-site equipment installation guidance and debugging. This collaboration was initiated by a recommendation from Meacon's long-time client, the Xiaogan sewage treatment plant in Hubei. The Xiaogan plant has been using a batch of Meacon meters, including pH meters, ultrasonic level meters, electromagnetic flow meters (integrated, split, and insertion types), all of which operate well. Therefore, they introduced Meacon to the Tuanfeng County sewage treatment plant.

Meacon meters used in Hubei urban sewage treatment plants

Both the Tuanfeng County and Xiaogan sewage treatment plants focus on BOT projects. In the process of undertaking BOT projects, the most crucial factors are product quality and company technical support, which happen to be the top priorities for Meacon. Meacon has established over 20 service points nationwide, allowing for on-site technical support appointments, greatly meeting customers' needs for installation and debugging. The quality of products and professional capabilities have gained support and recognition from users. During this visit, Tang, along with Manager Zhang from the Tuanfeng County sewage treatment plant, inspected the installation and settings of the meters, and had in-depth discussions on maintenance and key points to note.

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