Meacon instrument is applied in the Yibin Nanxi Water Treatment Plant.

One, partners

Application Industry: Water treatment industry in water purification plant.

Company Introduction: Nanxi Old Industrial Park Water Plant - the largest water plant in Nanxi, can guarantee water supply for 260,000 people in Nanxi. After more than two years of construction, the first phase of the Nanxi Old Industrial Park Water Plant is currently in the commissioning stage and will soon be officially put into operation, providing water supply for the new and old urban areas of Nanxi and the Luolong area, and making up for the insufficient water supply capacity caused by the development and construction of Nanxi and the increasing demand for water.

Enterprise requirements: Real-time monitoring of data changes in various parameters during the water purification process, with a higher degree of automation required to ensure the stability of water supply.

Meacon instrument is applied in the Yibin Nanxi Water Treatment Plant.

Two, Application Process.

Our engineer Lan from our Chengdu office was invited to Ya'an, the first city of the Yangtze River in Wuli, to guide the on-site commissioning of electromagnetic flow meters, ultrasonic level meters, turbidity meters, pressure transmitters and other instruments used in the Nangxi Old Industrial Park water treatment plant. After the commissioning, the data of each process accurately and correctly displayed on the screen in the control room, enabling the staff to monitor and record the data changes of various parameters in the water purification process in real time, providing first-hand information for the subsequent operation of the water plant.

Three, User Feedback.

Feedback from Li, a worker at Nanxi Water Purification Plant: The acceptance task this time was urgent, and Lan rushed to the site to help with the debugging, which really moved me. I would like to give Lan a thumbs up for his professionalism and dedication! Currently, Phase I of the project has officially started operation after acceptance, and Phase II will enter the design phase, continuing to collaborate closely with M Control!

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