Electromagnetic flowmeter used in electroplating wastewater

Meacon magnetic flowmeter used in electroplating factory. In order to obtain the desired surface finish, the galvanic bath control must be precise. Knowing the volume flow of the circulated electrolyte helps to optimise the electroplating process. In addition to the temperature and flow rate is an essential process parameter for the quality of the electro-galvanising process. However, the medium is also difficult to measure. The acid tends to crystallise as soon as it is no longer moved. And the application is in a corrosive environment and in the presence of a strong magnetic field, which can lead to malfunctions and damage in many flowmeters.

electroplating factory

Meacon electromagnetic flowmeter uses corrosion-resistant PTFE lining and Ta electrodes, which can be used for extremely corrosive liquids, and is very suitable for flow measurement in electroplating or other chemical process applications in the metal and steel industries.


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