Case of Shantou Lijia Textile Industry Co., Ltd.

Shantou Lijia Textile Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006. Its main business is textile printing and dyeing. The company has professional and technical personnel specializing in weaving, printing and dyeing, as well as advanced production management and quality inspection systems.

Lijia Textile Industry uses Supmea flowmeter to detect the water inflow in the dyeing tank. For the printing and dyeing industry, water bath ratio and reclaimed water reuse rate are the most powerful indicators of energy saving, and the most common way to improve these two indicators is to equip each dyeing vat with two flow meters to accurately measure each dyeing vat. The amount of cold and hot water injected inside.

It is reported that our products have assisted Lijia Textile to realize the measurement of more than 40 dyeing vats in total, controlling the dyeing vat use process, and optimizing enterprise costs.

Shantou Lijia Textile Industrial Co., Ltd

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