Case of Guangdong Eton Electronics Wastewater Treatment

Since its establishment, Guangdong Eton Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the manufacture and sales of high-precision, high-density double-layer and multilayer printed circuit boards, and is one of the leaders in the domestic printed circuit board industry.

In the printed circuit board industry, electroplating is an important process. During the electroplating process, electroplating wastewater containing metal ions will be produced, which is a serious source of pollution, and can only be discharged after sewage treatment and reaching the specified indicators. The sewage treatment link involves the reverse osmosis system and the ultrafiltration system. Conductivity meters, ORP meters, flow meters, and turbidity meters are required to monitor various sewage data.

ro system flowmeterflowmeter

ro system ph meterph meter

ro system ec controllerec controller

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