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With the continuous improvement of industrial automation, the requirements of industrial automation manufacturers in all walks of life for instruments are also increasing. The most representative one is the electromagnetic flowmeter, and professional electromagnetic flowmeter manufacturers have become everyone's trusted choice. The electromagnetic flowmeters produced by different electromagnetic flowmeter manufacturers will have large or small differences, so how to judge whether an electromagnetic flowmeter is suitable for your required working conditions?

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To understand the electromagnetic flowmeter, you must first understand its measurement principle. The working principle of the electromagnetic flowmeter is based on the electromagnetic induction principle of the flange. A pair of detection electrodes is installed on the tube wall perpendicular to the axis of the measuring tube and the magnetic force line. When the conductive liquid moves along the axis of the measuring tube, the conductive liquid cuts the magnetic force line to generate Induction potential, the induction potential is detected by two detection electrodes, and the value is proportional to the flow velocity. The sensor transmits the induced electromotive force as a flow signal to the converter, and after signal processing such as amplification, transformation, and filtering, the instantaneous flow and cumulative flow are displayed with a dot matrix liquid crystal with backlight.

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According to the working principle of the electromagnetic flowmeter, the fluid that can be used to measure the flow of the electromagnetic flowmeter must be conductive. Strictly speaking, except for high-temperature fluids, any fluid with a conductivity greater than 20 us/cm can use a corresponding electromagnetic flowmeter to measure the flow, because non-conductive gases, steam, oil, acetone, and other substances cannot use an electromagnetic flow meter to measure flow.

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In industrial processes, large-diameter meters are mostly used in water supply and drainage projects. Small and medium calibers are often used in solid-liquid double-phase difficult-to-measure fluids or places with high requirements, such as measuring paper pulp and black liquor in the paper industry, ore pulp in the non-ferrous metallurgy industry, coal slurry in coal preparation plants, strong corrosive liquid in the chemical industry, and blast furnace tuyere in the steel industry. Cooling water control and leakage monitoring, flow measurement, and control of hydraulic transportation of coal in long-distance pipelines. Small-caliber and micro-caliber are often used in places with hygienic requirements such as the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, and bioengineering. Electromagnetic flowmeters can be used for measurement in the above occasions.

Supmea Electromagnetic Flowmeter Manufacturer

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The lining material of the electromagnetic flowmeter is mainly made of rubber lining and PTFE lining. The rubber lining is mainly suitable for wear-resistant media. The rubber lining is mainly neoprene and polyurethane rubber. Polyurethane rubber is suitable for strong wear media. PTFE The lining is mainly suitable for corrosion-resistant media. The PTFE substrate is mainly polytetrafluoroethylene and polyperfluoroethylene propylene. The material of polytetrafluoroethylene propylene is suitable for strong abrasive media. Electrode materials are mainly divided into molybdenum-containing stainless steel, Hastelloy B, Hastelloy C, titanium tantalum, and stainless steel carbide.


When you have a certain understanding of the electromagnetic flowmeter, you can naturally choose the electromagnetic flowmeter that suits you through your own judgment. According to the measured flow range, pipe diameter, anti-corrosion materials are required, etc., select a professional electromagnetic flowmeter manufacturer purposefully. If you still have doubts about this, you may wish to go to the automation instrument manufacturer to try to consult. Hangzhou Supmea Automation Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of electromagnetic flowmeters. There are professional technical engineers in-house to provide you with selection guidance. Their after-sales service also extends to many cities around the world, and they will help you as soon as possible if you have any after-sales problems. They are a veritable professional electromagnetic flowmeter manufacturer.

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