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The protection grade IP65 is often seen in the instrument parameters. Do you know what the letters and numbers of "IP65" mean? Today I will introduce the protection level.
IP65 IP is the abbreviation of Ingress Protection. The IP level is the protection level against the intrusion of foreign objects in the enclosure of electrical equipment, such as explosion-proof electrical appliances, waterproof and dustproof electrical appliances.


The format of the IP rating is IPXX, where XX is two Arabic numerals.
The first number means dustproof; the second number means waterproof. The larger the number, the better the protection level.


Dust protection level (the first X indicates)

0: no protection
1: Prevent the intrusion of large solids
2: Prevent the intrusion of medium-sized solids
3: Prevent the intrusion of small solids
4: Prevent solids larger than 1mm from entering
5: Prevent the accumulation of harmful dust
6: completely prevent dust from entering


Waterproof rating (the second X indicates)

0: no protection
1: Water droplets into the shell have no effect
2: Water or rain dripping onto the shell from a 15 degree angle has no effect
3: Water or rain dripping onto the shell from a 60 degree angle has no effect
4: Water splashing from any angle has no effect
5: Low pressure injection at any angle has no effect
6: High-pressure water jet has no effect
7: Resistance to water immersion in a short time (15cm-1m, within half an hour)
8: Long-term immersion in water under certain pressure

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