MIK-RD702 Guided wave radar level meter

MIK-RD702 Guided wave radar for level measurement in liquids and bulk solids. In level measurement with guided wave radar, microwave pulses are conducted along a cable or rod probe and reflected by the product surface. PTFE antenna, suitable for corrosive medium measurement.


  • Range: 0~20 m
  • Application:  Acid, alkali, other corrosive media
  • Frequency Range: 500MHz ~ 1.8GHz
  • Specification
 Product  Guided wave radar level meter
 Model MIK-RD702
 Accuracy ±5mm (range 2m)
±10mm (range 10m)
 Application Acid, Alkali, Other corrosive media
 Process connection Thread/Flange (optional)
 Medium temperature -40℃~200℃
 Process pressure    -0.1 ~ 0.3 MPa
 Ingress protection IP67 
 Frequency range 500MHz-1.8GHz
 Signal output 4-20mA/HART
 Power supply (24V DC)/ Two-wire
(24VDC/220VAC) / Four-wire
  • Introduction

MIK-RD702 guide wave radar level meter can launch high frequency micro-waves which transmit along with probe. 


  • Product Size



  • Installation guide


H----Measuring range

L----Empty tank height

B----Blind area

E----Minimum distance from probe to tank wall >50mm


The top Blind area refers to the minimum distance between the highest material surface of the material and the measurement reference point.

Blind area at the bottom refers to a distance that cannot be accurately measured near the bottom of the cable.

The effective measurement distance is between the top Blind area and the bottom Blind area.

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