MIK-PH5014 Hydrofluoric acid pH sensor

The PH-5014 sensor is made of pH sensitive glass film resistant to hydrofluoric acid.The application of this sensor is not only for the determination of pH value in water containing hydrofluoric acid, but also in the dilution control of hydrofluoric acid in semiconductor wafer manufacturing and chip production.


Zero potential point: 7 ± 0.5 pH

Conversion coefficient: > 98%

Installation size:  PG13.5

Pressure: up to 6 Bar at 25 ℃

Temperature: 0 ~ 130℃

  • Specification

  Product    Glass pH sensor
  Model   MIK-PH5014
  Measurement range   0-14 pH
  Zero potential point   7 ± 0.5 pH
  Slope   > 98%
  Membrane resistance   general: <250ΜΩ
  Practical response time   < 1 min
  Thread Connection   PG13.5
  Temp compensation   NTC 10 KΩ/Pt1000
  Heat resistance   0-130℃ for general cables
  Pressure resistance   2.5bar at 25 ℃
  Connection   Low-noise cable
  • Introduction

ph sensor.png

  • Application

Industrial wastewater engineering
Process measurements, electroplating plants, paper industry, drinks industry
Wastewater containing oil
Suspensions, varnishes, media containing solid particles
Two-chamber system for when electrode poisons are present
Media containing fluorides (hydrofluoric acid) up to 1000 mg/l HF

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