Another overseas warehouse of Supmea is open

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Recently, Supmea's overseas warehouse in the Philippines was officially opened, which is another key layout of Supmea in Southeast Asia after the establishment of branches in Singapore and Malaysia.

Rocky, general manager of Supmea International, introduced that the establishment of overseas warehouses in the Philippines is based on the value concept of "customer-centric", aiming to provide local customers with the service of "customers find us within 1 minute, arrive at customers within 1 hour, and deliver goods within 1 day". Ultimate user experience.

"The establishment of this warehouse is of great significance to the Philippines and Southeast Asia. It will not only greatly improve Supmea's operational efficiency and flexibility in the region, reduce overall transportation costs, but also provide better support and services for local customers." Rocky said .

Supmea's international business started in 2016. Southeast Asia is not only the "starting station", but also one of the regions with a relatively high proportion of international business, laying a solid foundation for overseas market development. Up to now, the company's business has spread to 138 countries and regions around the world, with a total of more than 630,000 corporate customers.

Another overseas warehouse of Supmea is open

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Rocky said that Supmea is full of confidence in the economic development of Southeast Asia, and will provide more solutions and services based on localized needs in the future. At the same time, we will deepen the cooperation with partners, join hands to empower local customers, and realize the mission of "Globalize Chinese instruments"!

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