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June is the season of growth and harvest.The automatic calibration device for the Supmea flowmeter (hereinafter referred to as the automatic calibration device) went online in this June.

supmea flowmeter calibrate line

This device is tailor-made by Zhejiang Institute of Metrology. The device not only adopts the current new technology, but also adds the functions of automatic writing calibration parameters and storing detection data on it's original versions. It is regarded as one of the rare automatic calibration devices in China.

"After half a year of preparation, more than 3 million Yuan has been invested in the automatic calibration device. Li Shan, Supmea product director of flowmeter, said, "The application of this device will greatly improve the accuracy and calibration efficiency of the products, and bring customers more cost-effective products and convenient user experience."

Quality and effect moves forward together

The calibration accuracy is up to 0.1%, and the daily standard quantity is more than 100 sets.

The device can generate Master Meter Calibration and Gravimetric Calibration. One device has two calibration system ranges, one range from DN10~DN100 and another range is DN50~DN300, which can generate simultaneous operation of two sets of systems and greatly improve calibration efficiency.    

METTLER TOLEDO load cells were selected for calibration in the Gravimetric Calibration (Accuracy 0.02% ) and the Master Meter Calibration adopted the YOKOGAWA electromagnetic flowmeter (Accuracy 0.2%) as the master flow meter, which can calibrate the flowmeter with the maximum accuracy of one part per thousand.

Two calibration systems of this device can run independently at the same time and adopts the method of side-by-side multi-pipe section calibration, which can create the fast switch of different pipelines during the calibration, and the daily standard quantity can reach more than 100 sets.


Intelligent manufacturing

Build a digital factory with cloud platform
After the device is put into operation, it can be combined with previous pH calibration system, pressure calibration system, ultrasonic level meter automatic calibration system and signal generator calibration system to create automatic query of product detection information.

supmea pH controller supplier

pH calibration system

Pressure calibration system

Pressure calibration system

Ultrasonic level meter calibration system

Ultrasonic level meter calibration system

Signal generator calibration system

Signal generator calibration system

Supmea will continue to improve the automation & informatization of the automatic calibration system, build a real-time sharing platform of information resources, and keep the data electronically forever, which is aim of laying a solid foundation for the construction of the factory's Internet of Things and informatization.

In the process of building a smart factory, Supmea has always been adhering to the "Customer-centric" concept. 

In the future, Supmea will also take the intelligent technology as the important support and carry the client of production test information through the opening of various systems and the integration of information, so that customers can also directly see the test information and status of their purchased products, and create the greatest value for customers with high-quality products and services.

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