The average business trip per capita is 181 days

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In 2022, in the face of many uncertainties brought about by the epidemic, they are fearless, caring about customers, approaching customers, serving customers, warming customers, and achieving customers. In 2023, these Supmea after-sales engineers have already rolled up their sleeves and are gearing up.

The average business trip per capita is 181 days

Despite some psychological preparation, Lin Zixiang, head of the after-sales service department, was surprised after counting the number of business trips.

181 days (accounting for 72.7% of the annual working days)

This is the average number of days that Supmea after-sales engineers travelled away in 2022.

If you have to use one key word to define 2022: Difficult.

The difficulty is greater than imagined. The epidemic is repeated, the economy is down, and the international situation is complicated... going out, there are many thorns and difficulties. Like all other Supmea people, Lin Zixiang has always firmly believed that "there are always more ways than difficulties, do the difficult and correct things".

Not afraid of dangers, really approaching customers, and serving customers with heart, is such a difficult and correct thing for after-sales service. It is something that must be persisted in 2023 and for a long period of time in the future. .

From the south to the north, from home and abroad, with the stars and the moon, and the wind and rain, they are either setting off or on the way to set off.

Of course, due to the adjustment of epidemic control policies in various places, home isolation after business trips, stay in different places, and increased risk of infection will naturally follow. Their answers are the same, "it's normal" and "used to it".

Referring to the effect, Lin Zixiang gave a piece of data: in 2022, the product quality data will be higher than that in 2021, and the user satisfaction will reach 98.75%.
"It's a pity that the satisfaction has not reached 100%." After a moment of depression, he cheered up again, and continued to rush and work in the new year.

On the long road of after-sales service, they searched up and down, constantly optimized the service entrance, tried their best to shorten the maintenance cycle, made the after-sales regionalization front-end, and continuously improved products and technical information... all for the "satisfaction" that has no end.

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