Supmea with the Asia's Largest Open-pit Copper Mine

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Recently, Supmea's process automation solution was applied to the largest open-pit copper mine in Asia - Jiangxi Dexing Copper Mine.

 Jiangxi Dexing Copper Mine

Dexing Copper Mine▲

Luo Xiaogang, a senior engineer of the after-sales service department, introduced that in this project, the Supmea electromagnetic flowmeter is mainly used in the pit automatic drainage system of Dexing Copper Mine to realize accurate measurement and monitoring of the water flow in the pit and ensure the safety and normality of the pit Work.

accurate measurement and monitoring of the water flow

Real scene of the project site▲

It is reported that in order to meet the era of big data, Dexing Copper Mine vigorously implements the integration of mechanization, informatization, big data, and intelligence, and gradually realizes the automation of production operations, remote process control, and unmanned station guards.

Luo Xiaogang said that he is honored to be able to play a role in promoting the integration of localized equipment and digitalization in Dexing Copper Mine, as well as in the construction of intelligent mines. "I also look forward to contributing to the new localization and digital transformation of more industrial enterprises."

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