Global Authority SGS Certifies Supmea's Paperless Recorder with CE Certification

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In a significant development, Supmea, a leading provider of industrial automation solutions, has received CE certification from the renowned global authority SGS for its paperless recorder series. The CE certification is an essential mark required for accessing the European Union (EU) market. It serves as a crucial avenue for enterprises to enhance product credibility and market competitiveness, reduce trade barriers and import tariffs, and achieve brand internationalization and globalization.

Supmea's paperless recorder series, which obtained CE certification, recently secured a bid for the HEPS accelerator control project at the Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The project, initiated in October 2021, involved the purchase of 200 units of the paperless recorder series. The successful acceleration of the first electron beam on March 14, 2023, marked a significant milestone, transitioning the project into the device installation phase.

Global Authority SGS Certifies Supmea's Paperless Recorder with CE Certification

Vivian, the director of the foreign trade department at Meiyi, revealed that their products, including the Meiyi radar level gauge, ultrasonic level gauge, pH meter, water quality analyzer, vortex flowmeter, temperature transmitter, signal isolator, armored temperature sensor, conductivity meter, have also obtained CE certification issued by SGS.

This achievement has enabled Supmea to expand its product range, including electromagnetic flowmeters and other process automation instruments. The company's instruments have found applications in various industries, such as seawater desalination processes in Sweden and Israel. By capitalizing on the European market, Supmea has made significant strides in the agricultural irrigation sector and has exported related supporting solutions to developed countries in Europe and the United States.

Globalize Supmea instruments

By adhering to high-quality standards and stringent product requirements, Meiyi aims to continue providing its customers with superior products and services. The company's commitment to excellence has contributed to its growing reputation and made Chinese instruments a preferred choice worldwide. With every small step and accumulated effort, Supmea is determined to pave the way for a brighter future in the global market.

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