Supmea has reached a cooperation with Dongfeng Honda

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Recently, Supmea has reached a cooperation with Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., Ltd. ("Dongfeng Honda"), the first independent enterprise in Hubei's industrial history with an output value of over 100 billion, to provide process automation solutions for its second factory.

Supmea has reached a cooperation with Dongfeng Honda

Dongfeng Honda's second factory is Honda's global benchmark factory, covering an area of 1.05 million square meters. It integrates many advanced production equipment and industry-leading production processes, including stamping, welding, painting, synthetic resin, engine assembly, Seven major process production lines including final assembly and vehicle inspection.
In this cooperation, product solutions such as Supmea electromagnetic flowmeters are mainly used in coating process production lines to achieve accurate energy consumption measurement and energy-saving management.

According to Tang Junfeng, head of Supmea's Wuhan office, the coating shop plays a vital role in automobile manufacturing and is a key link in automobile appearance quality and coating efficiency. In the second factory of Dongfeng Honda, the Supmea flow solution can help customers achieve precise measurement and control of flow, thereby reducing costs, improving production efficiency, and fulfilling environmental responsibilities more scientifically.
"Customers are quite satisfied with both product performance and service timeliness, and said that in the subsequent cooperation, they will be promoted in other processes and other factories to replace imports." Tang Junfeng said.

For a long time, Supmea's pressure, temperature, flow, level, analysis, display and control solutions have been widely used in the entire industrial chain and entire process flow of the automotive industry, and have been used by BYD, Tesla, Mazda, Geely, and CATL. Provide services to well-known domestic and foreign companies to empower customers and the industry for high-quality development.

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