Supmea donated 1000 N95 masks to Wuhan Central Hospital

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Fighting with covid-19, Supmea donated 1000 N95 masks to Wuhan Central Hospital.

Learned from old classmates in Hubei that the current medical supplies in Wuhan Central Hospital are still very scarce. Li Shan, deputy general manager of Supmea Supply Chain, immediately provided this information to the company and applied for the masks. The company acts at once.

1000 N95 masks

1000 N95 masks


Supmea donated the first batch of N95 masks to Shaw Run Hospital Affiliated to Zhejiang University School of Medicine on 29 Feb, 2020, helped ensure the health of frontline medical staffs.


The Jiangjunshan Hospital in Guizhou Province needed supplies for the anti-epidemic expansion on 12 Feb, 2020. Supmea issued turbidity meters, pH detectors, pH electrodes and other instruments to the hospital immediately, which assited the hospital in treating medical sewage and meeting the sewage discharge requirements of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.


In order to reconstruct the negative pressure isolation ward, supplies were urgently needed in Suzhou Fifth People's Hospital on 11 Feb, 2020. Supmea urgently allocated inventory and the staff checked and packaged the supplies overtime. And it was decided that the instruments in the reconstruction project of the negative pressure isolation ward of the Fifth People's Hospital of Suzhou City were donated to the contractor. Supmea always contributed to the fight against the epidemic!

supmea automation


Although people in Supmea can not save people in the frontline, they can do somthing they can do.

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