Solutions for Flow Measuring in textile wastewater treatment

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Textile industries use large amount of water in the processes of dyeing and processing of textile fibers, generating high volumes of wastewater containing dyes, surfactants, inorganic ions, wetting agents, among others.

The main environmental impact of these effluents is related to the absorption of light into the water, which interferes with the photosynthesis of plants and algae. Therefore, it is relevant to have environmental planning aimed at the reuse of the water, increased removal of dyes, as well as reducing losses in the dyeing. 



Waste water from textile mills contains a lot of chemical reagents, which is very corrosive.



In speed flow meters, we recommend an electromagnetic flow meter, and here are the reasons:

(1) The contact parts of the electromagnetic flow meter with the medium are electrodes and linings. Different linings and electrodes can be used to satisfy various complicated working conditions.

(2) The measuring channel of electromagnetic flow meter is a smooth straight pipe without obstructed component, which is particularly suitable for measuring a liquid-solid two phase flow containing solid particles or fibers.

magnetic flowmeter

Remote type electromagnetic flowmeter

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