Supmea Türkiye Office was officially established

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On July 1, 2023, the Supmea office in Ankara was officially established.

Supmea Türkiye Office was officially established
Location of Türkiye Office▲

Rocky, general manager of Supmea International, said in an interview that in recent years, Supmea’s business expansion in the Middle East and Europe has achieved remarkable results. The establishment of the Ankara office aims to deeply understand the needs of customers in the region and provide localized services and full range of support.

According to reports, Turkey is an important bridge connecting Europe and Asia, and Ankara is known as "the heart of Turkey". "The superior geographical location will provide Supmea with a convenient logistics channel, which will not only provide products and services for the Middle East and European markets more efficiently, but also greatly facilitate the company's exchanges and cooperation with other countries in Europe and Asia."

Supmea Türkiye Office was officially established

Location of Türkiye Office ▲

Rocky also revealed that according to the established plan, following the overseas warehouse in the Philippines, the overseas warehouse in Malaysia, and the Ankara office, the manufacturing base in Malaysia is expected to start in the second half of the year, and an office in South Korea will be established in July, an overseas warehouse in South Africa will be established, and an overseas warehouse in Indonesia will be established in September. Vietnam overseas warehouse was built in October, and an office was established in Dubai in November.

"By continuously expanding our global business network, we will be able to better serve more than 660,000 new and old customers in nearly 140 countries and provide more convenient and effective localized services." Rocky said.

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