Automatic temperature calibration system online

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Supmea new automatic temperature calibration system——which improves efficiency while improving product accuracy is now online.

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Refrigerating thermostat                            Thermostatic oil bath


Supmea’s automatic calibration temperature system is made by refrigerating thermostat ( temperature range:20 ℃ ~ 100 ℃) and thermostatic oil bath (temperature range: 90 ℃ ~ 300 ℃), which use high stability platinum resistance as a standard and equipped with KEYSIGHT 34461 a digital multimeter and other auxiliary equipment. The whole system can be achieved instrument calibration function for cable-type temperature sensor,DIN housing temperature sensor and temperature transmitter.

In order to strictly monitor the quality of products, Supmea adopts the same temperature calibration system as Zhejiang Institute of Metrology. From it’s touch-screen interface can display real-time fluctuations, temperature curves, power curves and other information. The device can be traced to any temperature standard through the temperature calibration interface.



Excellent volatility and uniformity

A stable environment for calibrating the temperature sensor

The fluctuation of this system is within 0.01℃/10min. Three SV points can be set for each device, which can quickly complete the setting of the thermostat.Equipped with high precision and high stability platinum resistance, it can stabilize the temperature control and automatic protection function of the constant temperature tank, what ensures the short-term and long-term stability of the temperature set point.

The whole test area of the automatic calibration temperature system has high temperature uniformity (≤0.01℃). The temperature of all parts in the bath medium is kept uniform through the stirring system. When two or more temperature sensors are compared and calibrated, the temperature can be kept at the same value.The excellent and stable testing environment provides a strong guarantee for the quality of each A-Grade temperature sensor.



Calibration of 50 temperature sensors in 30 minutes

Each equipment can test 15 insulated temperature sensors or 50 lead temperature sensors at a time, and can complete two-point calibration of 50 temperature sensors in as little as 30 minutes.


Subsequently, Supmea will continue to build a new temperature calibration system for thermocouple series and carry out automation and information transformation.By building a real-time sharing platform for information resources, the data will be saved electronically and permanently, which combined with the previous automatic calibration device of flowmeter, pH calibration system, pressure calibration system, automatic calibration system of ultrasonic level meter, etc., in order to achieve the automatic query of product detection information.

In the future, Supmea will also take the intelligent technology as an important support. Through the integration of various systems and information, it will carry the customer’s production test information, so that they can directly view the test information and status of their instruments.


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