A special International travel of a box of masks

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There is an old saying, a friend in need is a friend indeed.

Friendship will never be divided by boarders.You gave me a peach, we will give you the precious jade in return.

No one have ever though of, the box of masks, which has crossed the lands and oceans to help Supmea from South Korea, that it shall return back to the south Korea to support Korean friends again over 2000km


Firstly, from South Korea to China

mask to supmea customer

On the 08.Feb,2020, the situation of the COVID-19 in China became more and more serious, the Korean friends of Supmea looked for the medical supplies right away, and shipped all the KF94 masks they had purchased from Seoul to Hangzhou by the air to support Supmea. 

“From the purchasing to the shipping, we are so moved that the shipment was so quickly. These  gifts showed strong friendship, and we will save these masks for the people who are in most need ”, said by the manager of the Supmea International Kevin.


Secondly ,from China to South Korean

masks from korea 

On 28.Feb,2020, the situation of the COVID-19 has changed, and it became more serious in South Korean, it got more difficult to find mask locally. Supmea contacted our friends immediately, and send the KF94 masks back to them with a batch of additional surgical masks.

On 02.March,2020, our Korean friends are very surprised and happy when they received the masks.These medical masks are not only for the safety protection, but also insuring the normal operation of their company. Meanwhile the engineers can go to their clients’ site to support them.

The manager of the Supmea International Rocky says: “this special journey of the masks, not only witnesses the friendship of Supmea and its friends, but also shows our company’s main value: customer oriented. We will try and continue to contact more customers overseas and give our support to them.”

There is no winter that will never pass, and there is no spring that it never comes.

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