Ore slurry & Sludge

Ore slurry is a new, efficient and clean mineral-based fuel, and a new member of the fuel family. It is made of 65%-70% minerals with different particle size distributions, 29-34% water and about 1% chemical additives. mixture. After many rigorous processes, the incombustible components and other impurities in the mineral charcoal are screened out, and only the essence of the carbon is retained, which becomes the essence of the ore slurry. It has the same fluidity as petroleum, and its calorific value is half that of oil. It is called a liquid mineral charcoal product.
Slurry technology includes key technologies such as slurry preparation, storage and transportation, combustion, additives, etc. It is a system technology involving multiple disciplines. Slurry has the characteristics of high combustion efficiency and low pollutant emissions, and can be used in power station boilers, industrial boilers and industrial kilns. Furnace replacement of oil, gas, and ore combustion are an important part of today's clean mining technology.


• There must be about 5~10D straight pipe section in front of the electromagnetic flowmeter to eliminate the influence of various local resistance on the symmetry of the streamline distribution.
• The internal insulating lining prevents the induced potential from being short-circuited by the wall of the metal measuring tube, and can adapt to the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the measuring tube.

• The ore slurry contains more than 60% of extremely fine mineral solid particles, plus auxiliary additives, under high pressure conditions, its dynamic viscosity is as high as 800~1500mPa.s,
Moreover, the slurry is a non-Newtonian fluid, and the designed pipeline flow rate is very low, about 1.0m/s, and it is corrosive.
• The squeezing of the medium to the lining and the scouring environment of the electrode require high requirements for the adhesion of the lining of the electromagnetic flow meter sensor to the measuring catheter, and the anti-noise and anti-leakage performance of the electrode.

PTFE has excellent abrasion resistance, extrusion resistance, and corrosion resistance, and has good adhesion to the measuring tube, and will not shell or fall off the lining.
In the case of ore slurry, since the scouring of the high-pressure slurry on the electrode will produce signal noise, a low-noise electrode should be used to reduce the scouring noise. It directly contacts the measured liquid,

Installation: The installation location of the electromagnetic flow meter should be far away from all magnetic source interference. And the casing of the flow meter, the shielding wire, and the measuring pipe must be grounded. Separate grounding points must be set, and never connect to the motor or the upper and lower pipes.

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