Hydro cyclones are used for the classification of particles in slurries. Light particles are removed with the overflow stream by an upward swirling flow through the vortex finder, while heavier particles are removed with an underflow stream by a downward swirling flow.  The particle size of the cyclone feed slurry ranges from 250-1500 microns leading to high abrasion. The flow of these slurries has to be reliable, accurate and responsive to changes in the plant load. This enables to balance the plant load and plant throughput.  In addition to this, the service life of the flowmeter is essential to minimize maintenance and replacement cost. The flowmeter sensor has to withstand major abrasive wear caused by this kind of slurry as long as possible.


  • The polyurethane material has excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance and can withstand the erosion of mineral particles and chemical agents, thus ensuring the long-term stability and accuracy of the flowmeter.
  • The polyurethane-lined electromagnetic flowmeter has high measurement accuracy and reliability, and can accurately measure liquid flow, avoiding production loss and equipment failure caused by flowmeter errors.
  • In addition, the electromagnetic flowmeter with a polyurethane liner also has the characteristics of a simple structure and convenient maintenance, which is suitable for different working conditions and process requirements in the mining production environment.

The medium in mine industry has various kinds of particles and impurities, which makes the medium produce great noise when passing through the pipeline of the flowmeter, affecting the measurement of the flowmeter.

Electromagnetic flow meters with polyurethane liners are the ideal solution for this application, with the added benefit of significantly reducing replacement intervals. Rugged polyurethane liner material provides excellent wear resistance, while durable tungsten carbide electrodes minimize signal noise. A guard ring (grounding ring) at the flowmeter inlet can be used to maximize the life of the sensor and protect the lining material from abrasion due to differences in the inside diameter of the flowmeter and connecting piping. State-of-the-art electronic filtering separates signal from noise without losing responsiveness to changes in flow rate.

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