Coal-water slurry(CWS)

CWS is a mixture of 60% ~ 70% pulverized coal with a certain granularity, 30% ~ 40% water and a certain amount of additives. Due to the role of dispersant and stabilizer, CWS has become a kind of uniform liquid-solid two-phase flow with good fluidity and stability, and belongs to bingham plastic fluid in non-Newtonian fluid, commonly known as slurry.
Due to the different rheological properties, chemical properties and pulsating flow conditions of different grout, the requirements for the material and layout of the electromagnetic flow sensor and the signal processing capacity of the electromagnetic flow conversion are also different. Problems can arise if the model is not chosen or used properly.

The challenge:
1. Interference of polarization phenomenon and selection of electromagnetic flowmeter
2. The doping of metal substances and ferromagnetic substances in CWS will cause interference
3. The cement slurry to be transported by diaphragm pump, diaphragm pump will produce pulsating flow will affect the measurement
4. If there are bubbles in CWS, the measurement will be affected

Lining: The Lining is made of wear-resistant polyurethane and processed with special technology
Stainless steel coated tungsten carbide Electrode. The material is wear-resistant and can handle the turbulence of flow signal caused by "electrochemical interference noise".
1. Carry out magnetic filtration in the final process of CWS production;
2. Adopt stainless steel conveying pipe;
3. Ensure the necessary upstream pipe length of the meter, and select the installation location according to the specific installation requirements of the electromagnetic flowmeter.

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