Application of Meacon Equipment in the Production of Vanadium Pentoxide

"From 'fuzzy estimation' to 'precise measurement', the application of Meacon process automation instruments has completely changed the inefficient model of this plant that originally relied on manual estimation." said Lan Gong, a senior engineer in the Southwest region of Meacon .

The factory mentioned by Lan Gong is located in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province . This factory mainly produces vanadium pentoxide. Meacon electromagnetic flowmeters are used for accurate measurement of sulfuric acid and water to ensure the accuracy of raw material usage; ultrasonic level meters are deployed in sulfuric acid tanks to monitor liquid levels in real time, effectively avoiding safety risks. Currently, dozens of devices are operating stably.

Application of Meacon Equipment in the Production of Vanadium Pentoxide

Speaking of project applications, Lan Gong said that the access to the instrument cloud system is the biggest highlight of this cooperation. Through Meacon's self-developed digital platform - Instrument Cloud, customers can not only monitor the data of all instruments in real time, but also export data reports for every 8-hour production shift according to demand, truly and intuitively feeling the convenience and efficiency of data management in the digital age.

"In addition to providing process automation solutions to our customers, we do much more in the Southwest Region," said the head of the Southwest Region.

Based on regional industry characteristics and specific customer needs, the Southwest Region actively implements the "Three Ones" service strategy, establishes the Southwest Service Center, and builds a fast-response local service team to ensure that customer questions and problems can be resolved as soon as possible; sets up local warehouses to greatly shorten delivery time; provides customized solutions based on a deep understanding of customer production processes, and builds an experienced team of engineers, etc.

the Meacon Automation Southwest R&D and Manufacturing Base located in Tianfu New District, Chengdu, Sichuan will officially start construction this year.

A modern base integrating R&D, production and service functions has sprung up. It is not only Meacon 's firm commitment to the southwestern market, but also a key step to get closer to customers and respond agilely to market demands. It also indicates that Meacon will take deeper roots in the southwest region and provide automation and digital upgrade solutions to regional and even national customers in a more efficient and flexible manner .

Application of Meacon Equipment in the Production of Vanadium Pentoxide

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