Meacon Venturi Flowmeter Boosts Yamaha.

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Recently, Meacon engineer Tang went to Hangzhou Yamaha Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. in Hangzhou to guide and debug the DN100 vortex flowmeter.

Meacon Venturi Flowmeter Boosts Yamaha.

Meacon's DN100 temperature and pressure compensated vortex flow meter can display the converted standard condition compressed air usage on the meter header through temperature and pressure compensation. This solves Yamaha's need to monitor the compressed air usage in each workshop for departmental assessment.

Tangong recommended using DN100 with temperature and pressure compensation turbine flowmeter on-site to monitor the air consumption in each workshop for the Yamaha audit. With temperature and pressure compensation, the converted standard condition compressed air consumption can be displayed on the meter. It has been running steadily for about 2 weeks, with stable data, and has been used in the internal assessment system. In the future, Meacon will continue to explore different industries to bring more high-quality products and services to more customers.

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